About us

Our mission is that INNOVA becomes in the region of Észak-Alföld such an innovation centre that manages innovative ideas to market success by creating network between national and international actors along the regional innovation strategy.

INNOVA formulated the following direct objects to be realized in the region:

  • to enhance the innovation ability
  • to spur market-oriented RDI cooperation
  • to develop an innovation supportive environment
  • to develop the innovative human resource

Beyond that INNOVA has a crucial role in the implementation of the Innovation Strategy of Észak-Alföld. With cooperation of regional experts the agency has developed the new regional innovation strategy in 2011.

Main activities of the Agency:

  • Creating a regional innovation network between companies and university knowledge centres providing innovation services on the one hand, and businesses interested in innovation on the other hand; the systematic arrangement of entities facilitating innovation; coordinating the innovation processes.
  • Working out and managing experimental pilot projects.
  • Cooperation with professional and non-governmental organisations, organisation of innovation-related exhibitions, conferences, foundation of innovation awards.
  • Collecting the R&D results of the region, coordinating the economic utilisation of the same, organising the financing schemes (involving venture capital).
  • Provision of information and consultancy on grant application, research and development cooperation and intellectual property opportunities.
  • Organising innovation-related training programmes, creating the frameworks for innovation-related training programmes.
  • Elaborating those professional elements of the innovation strategy of the government that motivate regional innovation, coordinating the implementation of the measures aimed at regional innovation.
  • Preparing surveys, analyses on the innovation activities of the region, monitoring the innovation activities of the region.
  • Operating decentralised systems of innovation-related grants in the Észak-Alföld Region.