Prototype development of IMAILE solutions has started

This call responded to the identified needs during intense market analysis and pedagogical research related with the educational challenges of today. Those challenges are connected with the fast development of technology, communication and in+formation in our digital world that influences our whole life and therefore are of specific importance in the educational sector.

7 selected proposals developed solution designs responding to the challenge criteria of the IMAILE call for tenders. Out of those 7 successful proposals 4 have been awarded to enter the next phase where suppliers are asked to develop and present first prototypes of their solutions. Among these proposals were some submitted by a consortium and some by individual companies. The successful proposals are lead by suppliers from Finland, Sweden, Spain, Germany and The Netherlands, and companies from Switzerland, Greece, United Kingdom are represented in the participating consortia.

The four proposals are shortly introduced here:

3D Virtual STE(A)M Laboratory

Individual learning and collaboration in virtual 3D world

The proposal is all about making science education more attractive and motivating to young people by giving students an opportunity to experience phenomena in an authentic, immersive, and fun environment. 3D Virtual STE(A)M Laboratory will provide a learning environment, learning games, and simulations for biology, chemistry, math, science and arts. By extending existing technology, 3D Virtual STE(A)M Laboratory will apply injury, phenomenon based learning and gamification in a project working atmosphere. Virtual worlds and immersive learning experiences are being connected to the real world through technologies such as VR glasses.

Lead: Finpeda OY (Finland, United Kingdom)

Virtual 3D STE(A)M Laboratory Summary [pdf]

Almerin Personal Learning Environment

The Almerin Personal Learning Environment extends traditional learning environments by focusing on the user experience, the extensive utilization of gamification, and the automatic adaptation to students learning styles. To increase the user experience, Almerin Personal Learning Environment provides an innovative user interface in the form of a virtual school. Students have their own characters to interact with this virtual world and have the possibility to change the appearance of their character and classrooms through rewards they earn from learning games and virtual labs. Through the continuous analysis of the students’ behavior, enables Almerin Personal Learning Environment to automatically adapt to each student’s needs.

Lead: Almerin Ky (Finland)

Almerin PLE Summary [pdf]

STEM it your way! (SiWay)

SiWay aims at supporting STEM teaching and learning in European schools by providing an innovative learning environment combining curriculum-based and self-regulated learning approaches. The vision of the SiWay project is focusing the learning process around the needs of each individual student. Extending existing technology, SiWay will develop a personal and collaborative learning environment supporting (1) teachers in preparing customized learning scenarios, and mentoring and assisting students during the learning process, (2) students in defining their learning goals and learning paths, and (3) parents in supporting their children and monitoring their process. SiWay will enable students to get involved in real research activities, investigate topics of their interest and gain hands-on experience of doing science.

Lead: imc information multimedia communication AG (Germany, Switzerland, Greece, The Netherlands)

SiWay Summary [pdf]

smArt steM learnInG ecOsystem (AMIGO)

Based on the combination and extension of existing technology, AMIGO aims at developing an immersive environment that provides primary and lower secondary schools with a student  centered learning approach. AMIGO integrates the six modules STEM enriched dynamic profile, STEM personal learning environment, Authoring tool, STEM social network, Learning chart and analytics, and Life-Long Learning ePortfolio from a visual and functional point of view. Accordingly, AMIGO aims at delivering a holistic ecosystem providing the next generation personal learning environment for STEM subjects including multiple different functionalities aiming at increasing the motivation of students to learn STEM and increasing the study results by adapting the learning to the students’ needs.

Lead: Ediciones Don Bosco Salesianos de la Provincia de Barcelona (Spain)

THR AMIGO Summary [pdf]

Detailed summaries of all solutions can be here.


Prototype demonstration between suppliers, procurers and experts

20-22 September 2016, Magdeburg (Germany)

Shortly before finishing the prototype developments and starting phase 3 of the PCP process, all suppliers of selected proposals who entered phase 2 of IMAILE PCP will meet for the first time directly with the buyers group and experts to present their proto-types of innovative PLE solutions with STEM focus. The purpose of this demonstration session is to enable a face-to-face presentation of interim conclusions, outcomes of phase 2 and the prototype” in its current state of development” to the IMAILE buyers group.


Overview of IMAILE PCP Process

3 PCP stages with one framework contract:

  • Phase 1: Solution Design (closed) 380 000 EUR (up to 8 suppliers funded, duration of 3 months)
  • Phase 2: Prototype Development (ongoing) 1 520 000 EUR (up to 4 suppliers funded, duration of 6 months)
  • Phase 3: Pre-Commercial small scale product/service development (starting in January 2017) 1 900 000 EUR (up to 2 suppliers funded, duration of 7 months) Test series: for phase 3, competitors will have to bear in mind the need of testing the prototypes in real scenarios in schools located in Halmstad (Sweden), Magdeburg (Germany), Konnevesi (Finland) and Viladecans (Spain).